Your show is terrific!  Each week the topics have been very informative and a great resource for the entire special needs community.  Thank you for your efforts!"

Pat Hendryx TOPS Soccer

“The Special Needs Family Hour is a wonderful opportunity for families to hear from the voice of a mom that lives in this very special world every day. Julie, speaks from experience and with the love she has for her family hoping to give other families resources throughout the community. She carefully identifies guests that she trusts will share opportunities to improve the quality of life for the entire family and shares her struggles along the way.”

Allison Rapp, MPH, CHES Site Director, Healthy Community Tampa Bay

Give Special Needs Family Hour a listen. Julie Clark Ames is making the world a better place by sharing her knowledge and resources on how to handle special needs children. So, listen on Chanel 860 AM on Sundays from 1 - 2 PM.

Michael Baron

“Thank you Julie for hosting the Special Needs Family Hour and for sharing your family’s story. As a parent of a child who is deaf, I have found this show and your website to provide so many useful resources for our journey. As a community provider, it is wonderful to know that I can refer a family to your show for factual information that also offers the parent’s perspective. “


Alex DeMolina Family Resource Specialist

"The Special Needs Family Hour is a great show that provides a variety of needed information to families in our community who are touched by someone with a disability.  She features different programs in hopes of sharing all the great resources that families can participate in or benefit from.  In addition, through her program she brings up topics that families need to be aware of or start planning for as part of their journey.  Julie certainly has a heart for supporting others as she and her family share some of the same joys and challenges that myself and many other families in our community face.  Thanks Julie for all that you do!!"

Vicky Westra Artistas Cafe/Artistas Development Center

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