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Sponsorship is another way to support the website and radio program. Contact me to find out how to partner with Special Needs Family Hour.

Special Needs Family Hour Sponsors are special people too. Some of our sponsors work in the special needs fields. Then there are other sponsors who are all about giving back and helping others in our community. We welcome all sponsors who want to join us in making a difference in our community. This show would not be possible without our sponsors. Would you like to join us?

Our station, AM 860 “the Answer” reaches seven counties with a potential listening audience of 3.2 million people. Our goal is to help and inspire those parents and caregivers who are caring for special people. On the show we cover all things related to special needs including medical, educational, and legal issues.

Special Needs Family hour is a 501(c)(3) non profit which means all your gifts are tax deductible.

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Emma Hemness Elder Law Attorney

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