Loresa Stansell, Author of No More Chasing “Normal”!

Our guest this week is Author and Counselor Loresa Stansell. She is the author of the book No More Chasing “Normal” The Emotional Guide for Parents of Children with Autism, Down Syndrome & All Other Disabilities.

Our loss of normal and the unique emotional roller coaster we ride is summed up in the A-typical Cyclic Grief (ACG) model. ACG is explained and experienced in detail through the life of a woman named Lori. Each chapter in this first of its kind book, provides discussion by the author and challenge questions for parents or caregivers aimed at helping them work through their own emotional reactions.

Loresa Stansell, LPC, NCC

Loresa Stansell, LPC, NCC

Stansell Counseling & Consulting Services, LLC

Loresa is a licensed mental health counselor. She is the parent of a 25 year old young man with a developmental disability. In 2010 she copyrighted a new grief model called A-Typical Cyclic Grief (ACG) to describe the unique emotional waves encountered by parents that have children with special needs.

As Loresa says, It is time to break the shame barrier and silence of our grief experience!! This book is about what YOU experience and how to work through our emotional challenges as a parent of a child with special needsOUR CHILDREN ARE NOT OUR SOURCE OF GRIEF IT IS THE DAILY CHALLENGES OF TRYING TO MAKE THEM FIT INTO A SOCIETY BUILT ON NORMS THAT THEY DO NO MEET.”

This is an awesome book! My hope and prayer is that one day all educators, physicians, counselors, and families will understand the A-Typical Cyclic Grief model just as we all understand the stages of grief model.” – Julie Ames

This book provides an in-depth look at the emotional impacts faced by parents of children with special needs. This is the stuff your research doesn’t tell you.
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