Hearing Loss & All the Latest Technologies and Programs to Improve One’s Hearing

We discuss Hearing Loss and all the latest technologies and programs to improve one’s hearing and the Healthy Hearing Expo.

The Healthy Hearing Expo on February 3rd will give individuals the opportunity to actually try out hearing aids and new technologies. Free hearing screenings will be provided. Bring a copy of a recent hearing assessment and any audiology reports to assist the service providers at the expo in helping you with your hearing needs.

Ed Ogiba, is a representative with the Hearing Loss Association of America. He is a

  • Board Member of Hearing Loss Association of America for Sarasota-Manatee,
  • Chair of Hearing Loss Association of America Tampa Bay Advisory Board,
  • Chair of Hearing Tech Expo & Clinic, and
  • Chair of Healthy Hearing Expo.

Pictured left to right: Ed Ogiba and Julie Ames, SNFH

Hearing Loss Association of America

For More Information-  Call 941-706-4312 or email: HLAAHelp@gmail.com

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