Rori Becker and Phyllis Guthman join us for our Mother’s Day Show & We’re Celebrating Two Years On The Air!

Today we have Phyllis Guthman of Disability Resource Hub and Rori Becker of the Bright Feats Directory. We will be discussing women of influence, also known by those who love them as “Mother” and a new resource available in our community, the Disability Resource Hub Directory.

Rori, after her first child was born premature, managed her complex medical and educational care while learning about the services available throughout the local special needs community. Co-founding the Bright Feats Directory, she looks forward to expanding the scope of Bright Feats with Employment and Internship Opportunities, for our talented young adults with disabilities, to share in the mission to serve local families.

Phyllis has provided disability information, resources and communications for Special Needs Ministries, Special Needs Sports, Therapy, Recreation and Art Organizations, as well as Statewide and Local Disability Agencies for 18 years. She launched Disability Resource Hub as a vehicle to disseminate resources.  Disability Resource Hub and Bright Feats are collaborating to produce a resource directory for the Tampa Bay Area!

Pictured: Rori Becker, Bright Feats & Phyllis Guthman, Disability Resource Hub and Julie Ames, SNFH

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