Suzin Carr and Julie Ames, SNFH

Suzin Carr and Julie Ames, SNFH

A Special Thanksgiving Message with Suzin H. Carr, the award winning author of “I Choose”, “I Choose Too!”, and “Yo Elijo”. “I Choose” and the Spanish translation “Yo Elijo”, is suitable for every human being on the planet, but especially those age 3-8 and the folks who work with them.

“I Choose Too!” is a thought-provoking, meaningful and interactive book about the choices humans make everyday! If you are a grown-up with questions, a therapist, counselor, Minister, teacher or anyone who has ever been in transition….this book is for you!

Suzin is available to speak to your local school, club, or Scout Troop. Topics include the message of the book, the book printing process, its impact on a 7 year old, and following your dream as an artist or writer. She is the wife of James, and the mother of Chandler.  She lives in Lutz, Florida where she juggles the life she chooses and is grateful for countless blessings and immeasurable joy.

Illuminated Publishing: Quality books, etc. with a family-friendly message. Written by a Mom and illustrated by her son when he was 7 years old. Home of “I Choose”, “I Choose Too!”, “Yo Elijo” & More

“We choose what comes out of our mouth, what stays in our head, and what lives in our heart.” ~ Suzin Carr, wife, mother, author

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